WE KIDNAP & SELL ARMS- Army Sergeant Begs Buhari, SEE WHY Soldiers Are Allegedly Suffering & Kidnapping

Amid the war against insecurity in Nigeria, and the determination of President Muhammadu Buhari the end all forms of insecurity and provide a better life for the people of the country, an army officer identified as Sergeant Ismaila Ukwuhcodu made a statement on Wednesday to make the Nigerian government understand the welfare of army officers.

Without attaching any evidence to back his claims, he added that many military personnel are getting themselves involved in illegal activities due to the poor Salary structure and remuneration of the soldiers.

He went on to claim that the Nigerian security personnel has gotten themselves involved in illegal activities like kidnapping, selling arms, and many other crimes just to earn a living due to the poor salary structure of the Nigerian soldiers.

Sergeant Ismaila Ukwuhcodu in his letter added that the soldiers were forced the pay for basic things like uniforms, boots, and many other things which the Nigerian government or the military council ought to provide for them during training and service.

According to a report from Sahara Reporters, a Nigerian soldier identified as Sergeant Ismaila Ukwuhcodu wrote a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari to ask for a better salary structure.

Without any evidence, he claimed that the current salary structure for the Nigerian security personnel is no longer enough to afford basic things and due to this, soldiers have been forced to engage in illegal activities just to raise money and afford a good life.

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