WHAAATT! ! Wike Appointed 200, 000 Advisers For Vote- Buying, Ballot Snatching & Intimidation Of Opponents- Rivers APC

Darlington Nwauju, Rivers state APC spokesman claimed that the activities of governor Wike ahead of the Rivers state governorship election is very fishy and something needs to be done to prevent Wike from rigging the poll for his party.

Remember that the sitting governor in the past few days, appointed about 200, 000 political advisers. Since the appointment, there have been different rumors regarding what the governor might be planning ahead of the polls, but amidst all these, APC in Rivers state has claimed that the appointment was put in place because the sitting governor wants to manipulate the electoral process in 2023.

Without providing evidence to back his claims, he alleged that those appointed by Wike have been given clear orders to monitor rigging and snatching of the ballot paper and ballot boxes in the forthcoming governorship election of the state.

Also, the spokesman went on to add that there is a very high rate of unemployment in Rivers state, and rather than embarking on projects and inviting politicians, Wike ought to have spent the money to train the youths or find a means to create employment opportunities that would help raise the standard of living of the people in the state.

According to a report from Naija News, Darlington Nwauju, APC spokesman in Rivers state claimed that the aim of Governor Wike and the PDP is to rig the forthcoming gubernatorial election of the state, and due to this, the state governors have appointed those who would monitor rigging and snatching of ballot boxes in the polls.

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