WHAT IS THIS? Midwife And Husband Dump A Little Baby In The Forest For Her To Die

What is even happening in Ghana nowadays? Just recently a wicked midwife and her husband have been arrested by the Ghana Police Service for reportedly dumping a newborn baby into the deep forest for her to die. According to the midwife, she said the baby is not a human being but rather a devilish evil spirit. So she decided to dump her in the forest so she to die. The incident was reported to have happened in the Asaasetre- Ebowu area of the Ashanti Region of Ghana at around 9 am on October 18th, 2022.

According to the witness who found the baby in the bush, he explained that he went to the forest to cut some cassava but he heard the sound of a baby crying. So he decided to follow the sound and see where it was coming from. So the man followed the sound and he saw a fetish priest holding a baby together with the midwife and her husband standing beside him.

The man said he hid in the bush and listened to what they were saying. From what he heard, he said they said that the child was an evil baby that came from an evil spirit. So they came to the forest to dump her there for her to die. After the man heard this, he said he was very scared while hiding in this bush.

So he quickly ran back home and informed the police that he saw a fetish priest, a midwife, and her husband dumping a baby into the forest for her to die.

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