WHAT WILL Happen If Ayu Resigns & Atiku Doesn’t Win 2023 Presidential Election, WIKE & Loyalists Asked Big Question

Rivers state governor and his loyalists have been told to forget about the issues they have with the national chairman of the party and begin to look for ways to work towards the emergence of Atiku Abubakar as the next president of Nigeria.

The camp has been told to let go of the crisis as it is not the first time that the presidential candidate of a political party and the national chairman would be from the same region.

The appeal was made to the governor of Rivers state and his fellow friends who have stepped down from the presidential campaign of Atiku and Okowa.

A group identified as better life for Nigeria appealed while also asking some important questions. In some of his statements, he asked what would happen to the PDP if the chairman of the party eventually steps down from his position and PDP happens to lose the forthcoming presidential election in 2023.

He claimed that the cap of Wike is trying to pocket the PDP and put the party under pressure ahead of the polls.

According to a report from Naija News, a concerned Nigerian and a member of the better life for Nigerians group have asked the camp of Wike to forget about the issues they have with the PDP chairman and other members of the party.

He said ” The idea was to have a national party where decisions will be taken by all members and not a party in the pocket of a single individual. Ayu said in his interview with Arise TV that he will resign if the party asked him to resign (not an individual). The NWC which is the highest decision body of the party passed a vote of confidence on Ayu and asked him to stay. “

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