WHO IS LYING? Peter Obi & El- Rufai Counters Each Other After This Happened In Anambra Many Years Ago (FULL DETAILS)

The former Governor of Anambra state in the person of Peter Obi has reacted to the statement made by the governor of Kaduna state in the person of Mallam Nasiru El- rufai.

The Kaduna State Governor had recently stated that something bad was done to him many years ago when he visited Amanda state under the administration of Peter Obi. He claimed that he was detained for about 48 hours and he was not very pleased with what happened.

El- rufai added that he was detained and asked what he came to do in Anambra state. The sitting governor of Kaduna state added that he is also a governor at the present moment and he could detain Peter Obi if he wants but he would not do that as he is a civilized person.

Shortly after, Peter Obi made a statement in reaction to what El- rufai said. While El- rufai had stated that he was detained on the order of Peter Obi, the labor party presidential candidate made a different statement.

He insisted that he was not behind the ordeal of El- rufai as he also was detained in one of the local governments in Anambra state during the time of the incident, hence, he could not have ordered his arrest.

According to a report from Daily Post, Peter Obi, the candidate of the labor party was in the news a few days ago after the governor of Kaduna state made some allegations against him due to what was allegedly done to him when he visited Anambra state a few years back.

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