Why Many People Struggle After Graduation- Bishop David Oyedepo

Why Many People Struggle After Graduation- Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo is the founder and president of Living Faith Church Worldwide, the other name for his church is Winners Chapel. The Church has grown over the years with several daughters churches in and outside Nigeria.

In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, the renowned Clergy spoke on why many University Graduates struggle after graduating from college. Bishop Oyedepo said that it is not enough to have a great degree but having a great life is more important.

In Oyedepo’s words:

“Lifematics is about learning to make the most of one’s life, learning to live, learning to lead, there are things in you that need to be de-programmed from your life, so you can have a way forward.”

Also, he stated that a lot of people coming out of school don’t know anything about life and yet they are faced and the diverse challenges. And they keep struggling through life. Bishop David maintained that it is better to define your purpose for living and make your life more meaningful and impactful by thinking of what you can add and not what you can have.

“Only contributors make a great mark in life, therefore you must endeavor to possess and sustain a contributor mentality and destiny will continue to answer to you favorably,” Oyedepo added.

Undergraduates need to endeavor to learn how to live and lead after graduation is very important. It’s better to know your purpose for living and strive to live a more meaningful and impactful life by contributing value and helping to make the world a better living place.


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