WICKED WORLD! How Yola Man Locked Up His Wife, Refused To Give Her Food For A Year

Sadiya, a middle- aged woman, was saved after her husband reportedly imprisoned her in his house in Nguru town, Yobe State, for one year without food. The poor victim, a mother of 4 kids, is from Kano State. According to reports, Sadiya’ s biological mother, Hadiza, saved her daughter from the agonizing situation last week.

According to a reliable source who requested anonymity, the victim’ s mother revealed that she traveled to Nguru from Kano to see her daughter after feeling uneasy with her voice on the phone, only to meet her in a near- death scenario as she cannot even walk because of hunger and other ailments.

Her husband malnourished her because he claimed that his family members would harm her if she ate food. He only gives her kunu when she asks for it, and he has barred others from entering her room.

According to the source, the husband’ s name is Ibrahim Yunusa Bature, and he is the cousin of Mustapha Yusuf Maihaja, the former Director- General of NEMA, and Yusuf Yunusa, Nigeria’ s Ambassador to Kenya.

According to findings, Sadiya was hustled to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in Kano, where she is presently undergoing care, with her mother demanding justice against her in- law, who she claims has harmed her daughter’ s life.

Domestic violence is prevalent in Nigeria, as it is throughout Africa. In Nigeria, there is a deep cultural faith that hitting a woman as a disciplinary measure is culturally acceptable. Domestic violence is on the rise in Nigeria, and it shows no signs of abating, regardless of age, tribe, religion, or social status.

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