WOW! ! Governor Wike In BIG TROUBLE, Barely 24 Hours After He Travelled To Spain, SEE What APC Chieftain Did To Him

Kingsley Wenenda, a member of the APC has sent a message to the governor of Rivers state regarding the statement that the sitting governor made in the past days about the use of state facilities for political activities.

In other to avoid the breakdown of law and order in Rivers state, Governor Wike had in the past days, issued an order regarding what must be done before the commencement of any political rallies in any government- owned facilities.

Governor Wike had on October 7, issued a statement regaining what parties must do. Should any party be interested in conducting any rally on government- owned properties, he asked that 5 million naira must be paid into the account of the Rivers state government by the political party in question.

Wike also banned the use of schools for rallies with the conduction that any political party who wishes to conduct rallies or campaigns on school property must first write to the ministry of education to seek approval.

While the statement of the Rivers state governor has been criticized by many groups, a member of the APC on Sunday, sent a message to the governor of Rivers state regarding his recent order or message to parties.

According to a report from PM News, Kingsley Wenenda a well- known member of the APC insisted that the rule made by Governor Wike about the use of state facilities in Rivers state is illegal, unfair, and tyrannical.

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