“You Contracted HIV After Enjoying RAW SEX” – Bobrisky SLAMS Ailing Fan

Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky has accused a fan of contracting HIV after engaging in unprotected sex.

The crossdresser’s statements were directed at a fan identified as Lord Casted, who rose to prominence after getting a tattoo of the crossdresser’s face on his forearm.

Lord Casted, unwittingly contracted a life-threatening disease after getting the tattoo last year. It would seem as though the needle used in the tattooing was unsterilized.

Initially, Lord Casted’s ailment was unknown, however, many suspected that it was HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Bobrisky has seemingly confirmed such assertions.

Lord Casted Tattoos Bobrisky On Forearm

In the early weeks of 2021, fan love was taken to another dimension as young Nigerians took to getting tattoos of their faves on different parts of their bodies.

Bobrisky was been a major recipient of this new form of fan love with over a dozen ladies honouring the crossdresser with tattoos of his name or face inked on their body.

Lord Casted joined the bandwagon by inking a tattoo of Bobrisky’s face on his arm. Subsequently, a video of his mother excitedly reaching out to Bobrisky following her son’s act went viral.

“Hey Bobrisky, Good morning ma. Please, my son will come with you o…Please help my son o…My son drew you on his hand. God will bless you ma, mama. Long life and prosperity ma.” she quipped

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